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Driving Standards Agency


Steve Smith is an excellent Driving Instructor. He has decades of experience (despite his apparently youthful appearance) and possesses all the knowledge required to learn how to drive, not merely pass the test. He is also friendly and relaxed which creates a comfortable atmosphere ideal for practical learning. Thanks to his guidance I managed to pass my test (both parts) first time with few faults, and if you listen and learn - you will too!

When I started learning to drive I had no ability whatsoever and I was very nervous, I never thought I would pass the test! But Steve helped me to get over the nerves and start enjoying driving! He was always patient with me even when I made silly mistakes never did he shout or tell me off. He always told me from lesson to lesson what I needed to improve and this really helped me to be able to progress with driving. He was always reliable and fitted the lessons around my school timetable so I never had to worry about not being able to have lessons but the lessons were also competitively priced so I could afford to drive. Driving was not something I wasn't naturally good at and it knocked my confidence from time to time, and sometimes I felt like never getting in the car again but Steve was always friendly and cheered me up with a funny story, he helped to continue and pass my test! I want to say thank you to Steve for helping me to learn and then pass and I apologise if I made him nervous on test day! My brother and 2 next door neighbours have also learned to drive with Steve and passed first time they recommended him to me and i would also thanks.

Below are testimonials from past pupils of Enterprise Driving School:

Steve has been an absolutely brilliant instructor; he adapts his teaching style to allow you to excel as quickly as possible while still feeling comfortable and confident with the car and your driving ability. He's quick to congratulate you when you do something well and very good at providing good constructive criticism to help you improve. Steve was very helpful in arranging lessons around my shifts, something I am very grateful for. Above all I liked my lessons because as well as teaching me to drive he was friendly and chatty with a good sense of humour making the lessons not only educational but enjoyable! I would like to say big thanks to Steve, with another instructor I don't think I would have done as well as I did. His help allowed me to pass first time. I recommend him to anyone who asks and I will continue to do so.

Steve at Enterprise Driving School is the most professional, patient and encouraging driving instructor there is. He works with you, your personality and your goals to ensure that you are driving when you want to be, whether you may want to get passed quickly or over a period of months.
My confidence in my driving ability had been shattered during lessons with my previous instructor who was impatient and often raised his voice. My lessons were not productive as a result but still cost me money and Ibecame a very nervous driver, almost to the point where I didn't want to drive.
Within the 1st lesson I had with Steve, I felt completelyconfident again; not only in my own ability, but in Steve's ability to teach me and get me through to my test.
Yesterday I passed my test within 6 months of calling Enterprise Driving School.

"I have just passed my test first time with Steve! I never thought I would be able to build up the courage to have one driving lesson never mind pass my driving test first time! But Steve built my confidence up with each lesson, and constantly showed that he believed in me and reassured me. Steve's very patient and really easy to get along with, he has a great sense of humour and I would recommend him to anyone! I got recommend by a friend and now he's also passed too. I passed my test within 5-6 months of starting driving throuh Steve's hard work and dedication. I took one of Steve's intensive courses of 30 hours, were I had on average 4 hours of driving a week, which helped a lot. So I anyone wanting to start to learn to drive, choosing Steve would be a great step in the right direction!" Ashton - Hucknall, Nottingham.

"After being recommended to Steve by a family friend, I found him and his teaching style brilliant. Initially I had no knowledge or experience of driving and admit to finding it difficult to grasp. Steve was very patient with me and taught me to take my time and relax while driving...Eventually it clicked. He was alway willing to fit my lessons around my school timetable. He is so easy to get along with, and is never short of whitty comments to make you laugh. I have, and will continue to recommend Steve to anyone. Many thanks!" Becka - Arnold, Nottingham

"Communicating and meeting new people is a serious problem for me, so when the time came for driving lessons, my fiancée recommended Steve to teach me to drive. He is very easy to get along with, and understands personal needs, carrying lessons out in a professional manner and helps you work at any weak points you may have. I passed first time as a reflection of both his teaching style, and my enjoyment of learning with a friendly and patient instructor. I have now completed my pass plus with Steve and found this to be of great value. I would highly recommend him to anyone!"Nikki - Nottingham.

"Having been recommended to me by a friend of the family, I found Steve to be patient and professional and give me confidence in my driving ability. I passed first time when it came to my test, my neighbour also passed straight away with Steve. His techniques and understanding are second to none. My partner and friends are currently learning with him, I would recommend him to anyone for tuition." James - Nottingham.

"Steve's great! Before I started driving with Steve I had, had 2 different instructor's prior, who were both unsuccessful in helping me to pass my test. However after having a few months with Steve I passed my test straight away! He managed to fit me into his busy schedule and would even sacrifice a few hours sleep for an early morning lesson to fit in with my work schedule. I found Steve to be patient and trusting as he allowed me to learn in my own car! He has a great sense of humour and makes you feel at ease and does everything in his power to ensure you pass your test! One problem I had was that I lacked confidence, however steve built my confidence up and filled me with well needed encouragement. Generally he's a nice guy.....awwww!!"Gemma - Calverton, Nottiingham.

"Taking my driving lessons with Stephen was an excellent choice for me as I passed first time. Stephen is understanding, patient and excellent at his job. His many years of experience and relaxed approach provides you with comfort and confidence.I would happily recommend Stephen and his his finelytuned methods of teaching to anyone." Sharon - Sherwood, Nottingham.

"Finding a Driving Instructor that I felt comfortable with was proving difficult, until a friend recomended Steve at Enterprise. From my first lesson I felt completely at ease. I passed my test first time in August 2005 after only 4 Months tuition." Laura - Hucknall, Nottingham.

"Steve of Enterprise enabled me to pass my test after many years of trying with different driving schools. I passed within 6 months of beginning my lessons with Steve, which enabled me to succeed in promotion with my career. I found Steve to be patient and understanding where other instructors had failed." Natalie , Arnold, Nottingham.

"The intensive driving course with Steve enabled me to fit in driving lessons to a hectic work schedule. I found his tuition style and flexibility in booking lessons particularly useful. Following my intensive course with Steve, I knew I was in good shape for my test and it was proved when I passed, even though this had been the first time I had driven in 7 years. As a person and an instructor I couldn't recommend him highly enough." Andrew - Colwick, Nottingham.

"I started my driving lessons with enterprise driving school as a nervous learner not knowing who I was learning with. But when I first met steve he was very kind and helpful I first got in the car and he explained who he was and what I will be learning then he took me around my area to let me get use to the car. .I found Steve to be patient and understanding and he did his job very well as I passed in 2 and a half months and passed first time. it was a great experience whit him as he has great sense of humour and goes through ever thing with great detail and I found it easy to understand him. I would recommend him to ever one." Callum